First Artist in Residence Announced! 

We are excited to welcome our first artist - Tiffany St. Bunny in October 2019! 

Tiffany St. Bunny was born in Oklahoma in 1982 and received her BA from Oklahoma State University in 2008 and her MA from Indiana University in 2012. She currently lives with her dog in Oakland, CA, where she creates work based on her experiences growing up poor, queer, and trans in the rural South and Southwest. She is a resident artist at Trainhole Studios, and her current projects include Trucksluts Magazine, Western Springs, Tunnel Visionz, and Eternal/Endless.


Through her body of work, Bunny sabotages traditional symbols of patriarchy, masculinity, and manhood via a reversal of cultural theft. Traditional landscapes, images, and brands monopolized and weaponized by the straight, white, all-american man are wrenched from the security of their hegemonic pedestal by transcendent homosexuals and genderless weirdos. In her work, the concept of “Man As The Image Of God” is forcibly perverted, and the resultant decadent divinity is (re)claimed by those resilient freaks. In this new paradigm, it is these paragons of strength and beauty, these survivors of generations of trauma, that hold the power.

Tiffany St. Bunny's Proposal for her month long residency : 

"While at "Home of the Brave," I plan on shooting for and completing a portrait photography series titled "Eternal/Endless." This series will utilize the seemingly boundless landscape of the high Utah desert, especially locations near the Book Cliffs, as a visual metaphor for eternity. Linearity of time, as a concept, is often not experienced by queer & trans people-- trauma introduces breaks, gaps, and repetition into our timelines. “Eternal/Endless” will explore how we use our bodies and surroundings to modify nonlinear time and space for subversive pleasure and peace of mind."


To learn more about Tiffany, check out her website HERE