Home of the Brave is a month long residency offered twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Artists of all mediums are encouraged to apply. 


Things to know about Cisco:


Cisco is a ghost town located in the high desert of Utah. There are no services in Cisco, no gas station, grocery store, and no neighbors. You will want to bring everything you need, though weekly trips to town can be made for groceries and laundry if you do not have your own transportation.


There is no running water in Cisco, but drinking water is provided and rain water is captured for washing brushes and laundry. The Colorado River is a 10 minute drive. About once or twice a week you might find it necessary to get to the river for bathing, or go to Fruita CO, (40 minute drive) for a hot shower at the Community Center there.


There are a few regular visitors that stop to see the town on a daily basis. Some days you may find yourself very social with visitors, and some days you might not speak to anyone at all. At Home of the Brave, we hope for our artists to understand the remoteness of this place before they apply. We believe that the solitude and beauty of the desert can provide the perfect setting for artists to concentrate on their work.

The studio space provided for the artist is a rehabbed Winnebago Brave camper situated at heart of the ghost town.  Open floor plan with raised ceilings and added windows for extra light and air. Big windows of the camper face East towards the Sal mountain, and to the West are the Bookcliffs. Artist has their own tire wall for privacy, as well as a deck for sitting and thinking in shade or sun. Surrounded by cast off items of all eras, theres much insipration to be discovered. The land itself was once a seafloor in prehistoric times, so you may find fossils of shells beside fossilized floppy disks. Come to the country that inspired Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire, and find your own inspiration in being alone. 


Duration of Residency: At least 3 weeks and up to 5 weeks, depending on the artists preference.


Number of artists at a time: 1


Expenses Paid by the Artist:


Travel to and from Cisco


Art Supplies


Amenities Provided by Home of the Brave:


Lodging and studio



Compost toilet

Private outdoor kitchen

$500 stipend


Expectations of the Artist:


  • Be open to a public studio day, where we invite the neighboring communities to visit, view your work and have a look at the workspace. You might also want to have some work for sale.

  • Be a part of the panel to select the following season’s artist in residence

  • At the end of your stay, leave behind a piece of work (of your choice) for the Cisco permanent collection.

  • Please keep your space tidy and not play loud music. One of the best things about Cisco is the peace and quiet, so noise in your area should not reach the rest of the people around.


Cisco is located:

45 minutes away from Moab, where there is a small Airport.

45 minutes away from Grand Junction CO, where there is a small airport.

A ride may be provided to and from these airports

Cheaper flights can be found by flying into Salt Lake City, a little over 3 hours away by car. Rides will not be provided from Salt Lake City. However, Amtrak has service from SLC to Green River Utah, from which a ride can be provided.


Selection Process:

Our panel of 6 will review all applicants, narrowing it down to 5 finalists. Each finalist will be interviewed via Skype before we select the artist in residence.