We are three sisters from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The idea for the artist in residency program grew from a blue collar upbringing and parents who taught us that art is for everyone. That’s why it’s so important to us that our residency come with a stipend to offset costs for artists who may not have the financial luxury of focusing on their art full time.  Spending time in the ghost town has had an impact on so many of Eileen's visitors, leaving them inspired and restored, making it clear that a space should be permanently designated for creatives. 

Eileen Muza


Eileen is a visual artist and sole resident of Cisco, Utah.

She acquired her land in Cisco in 2015 and began the arduous process of refurbishing and rebuilding, taking care to preserve the heritage and unique character of the original town. An artist herself, Eileen uses only materials that have been left behind in the town for her restoration of Cisco. She has created a place for artists to share complete creative freedom under the big desert sky. 

Renée Muza

Renée is a documentary film producer in Brooklyn, New York. Over the years she’s created work for VICE, PBS, and The History Channel, among others.

Margaret Muza

Margaret is a wetplate photographer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In spring of 2018 she spent a month and a half working in Cisco, taking tintypes and developing them in an old shack turned into a darkroom. The experience made her passionate about helping create a permanent place for artists in the ghost town. 

Contact us

Email- howdy@eileenmuza.org

Instagram- @bigtroublelittlecisco